How to improve your tennis game through conscious breathing
November 1, 2021

How important is conscious breathing? You can use specific tehniques of breathing to improve your perfomance in tennis.

Tennis players spend a lot of time and money to improve their skills: they hit thousands of balls to be more precise, they pay for massages to recover as quickly as possible and to be ready for another training session. In addition, they take care to have an adequate diet to ensure that they have enough energy. However, sometimes they forget that breathing is one of the most important processes for recovery and performance.

It is impossible to live without inhaling and exhaling the air. It doesn't matter if we stay home or run to hit another ball on the tennis court, we have to breathe. To some extent, tennis players are aware that breathing influences their game. The conscious breathing player can reduce body tension, add more power to the ball and intimidate the opponent more than hitting the ball with significant speed.

Breathing can improve or limit athletic performance. Players who are aware of breathing and train it daily can play their best tennis even while competing in the finals of prestigious tournaments. On the other hand, players who do not pay attention to this natural process can lose matches in front of inferior opponents, because they do not control this aspect that is completely under their control. Learning the correct and conscious breathing helps to optimize performance - do not forget that repetition is necessary to build an automatic habit.

Should we always breathe the same way? As a base, you should remember to always inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This is something that does not change. This is the most effective way to make your body function optimally. Below are the areas you can impact when using specific breathing approaches.

Reducing the level of stress

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When we are stressed, our heart rate increases and our body becomes stiff. as a result, it becomes difficult to play tennis well because players cannot execute fluid shots and tend to make inexplicable tactical decisions. To reduce your blood pressure and heart rate, remember to inhale and exhale slowly. This approach will help you control how your body and mind react to difficult situations, so training this aspect is important to be able to deal with the crucial points in tennis.

Positive attitude

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Without a positive approach and excellent physical performance, it is impossible to beat more advanced players. Breathing is one of the skills that can turn static players into those that everyone fears. Dynamic exhalation makes the body and mind more active. A few cycles of this simple process and you can play as well as possible.

Keep focused

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In difficult times, players tend to think negatively and see only black scenarios that will happen very soon. This is not the approach of professional players. Professional players understand that champions need to have a positive mind, so they use their breath to gain good control over their minds. By focusing on breathing, you do not allow other thoughts to come to your mind, so you can maintain a neutral mood.

The best thing about breathing is that you can practice it every minute of the day. On the field, at school or at work, there is no limit to improving this truly crucial aspect of personal and sports life. For less stress, better concentration and more motivation in getting great results make sure you breathe conscious.


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