Through tennis training and sports psychology we contribute to the formation of an athlete who harmoniously combines the physical, technical and tactical development of tennis with an alpha personality attitude. We believe in passion, vocation and we believe that tennis made in our country can be an expression of personality.

  • Initiation Phase

Tennis is a global sport and we have seen many great athletes lately, especially Simona Halep. To reach this high level, children must be extremely dedicated to sports and have great support from their family. Through passion, one learns and develops many skills that ensure success in more aspects of life. 

  • Consolidated Tennis Training (Advanced)

Our athlete development program is the best way to wake the tennis player out of it.

It is tailored to his needs and will teach you everything from basic skills to advanced techniques.

  • Performance Workouts (High Performance)

We unleash the potential of the athlete with the guidance of our highly trained coaches.

Extensive tennis exercises, strong endurance training, and mastery of the technique are just some of the training elements that will make your child a champion.


When the athlete knows his vocation and purpose in life, the map must be drawn, the ramp for the future with the direction towards a successful career. There have been cases when ignoring the strategy for a career led to athletes who had difficulty adapting and integrating professionally. 

To prevent this from happening, we help athletes create and implement a successful strategy for their long-term careers when they are in sports, and after the sports activity ends.


It’s not about how you win. It’s about how well you’re able to come back when you’re down.
( Serena Williams )

Every great athlete encountered a mental barrier at one point and failed to concentrate on the game because his mind did not give him peace.

Within ROYAL TENNIS ACADEMY, in order to prevent and diminish the psychological problems that can appear early in children, they will benefit from counseling throughout the sport.

When we are emotionally balanced we can give our all on the field and thus we will feel winners.

For athletes who perform high performance, it is necessary to develop skills such as endurance or mental resilience, motivation for sports competition, the ability to (re) focus, and attention on the field, control anxiety on the field, attitude after a failure, image with self-view, and visualization of high performance. 

Psychological performance can be gradually improved with the help of counseling classes and this will be seen in the field. 

The benefits of psychological counseling for performance:

  • The ability to concentrate in the pre-competitive and competitive period will be developed
  • Development of self-motivation
  • Emotional balance and emotion management
  • Self Confidence 
  • Desire for self-improvement
  • The spirit of competition

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