In this academy we will give all children the opportunity, regardless of financial strength, to enroll in tennis school. In this regard, we will have substantial discounts and scholarships for children whose families cannot support them financially.

Redirect the 3.5% of income tax

You can redirect 3.5% of your income tax for our cause and this does not involve any cost.

Download 230 Form

Download 230 Form if in 2020 you had income from:

  • salaries and assimilated to salaries;
  • pensions;
  • independent activities / agricultural activities, imposed on the basis of income norm;
  • independent activities carried out on the basis of sports activity contracts, for which the tax is withheld at source;
  • intellectual property rights, other than those for which net income is determined in real terms;
  • the transfer of the use of the goods, for which the net income is determined on the basis of flat-rate quotas of expenses or on the basis of income norms.

230 Form

Download 230 Form

Download form 200 if in 2020 you obtained income from:

  • independent / agricultural activities
  • intellectual property rights and the assignment of the use of the goods

200 Form

How do you fill in the form?

  • fill in the fields in the form with capital letters
  • the amount does not have to be mentioned, this aspect will be taken care of by the tax institution
  • it is not necessary to attach the tax file
  • sign using handwritten signature
  • if you want to sign electronically, you must have Adobe Reader installed and you will be able to sign with the Fill & Sign option

Where you should send the form?

For any ambiguity, you can contact us here.

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