Talent or Effort? What is more important?
July 13, 2021

Which is more important - to be a talented athlete or an athlete with average skills, but who wants to be the best?

Talent or effort? We live in an age where we want everything right away and where we believe success can happen overnight. Preparation it is the most important, along with the consistency and perseverance, needed for long-term success.

One of the most common obstacles to success is the unconscious desire to succeed overnight. Such desires make people impatient and tempted to look for shortcuts. These whims have devastating effects on performance but also on thinking.

Dismantling these myths is the key.

talent sau efort

Talent or effort? We must constantly praise the effort

We must praise risk-taking and failure. You become a winner when you work harder than anyone else and understand that learning lessons after failure means growth.

We shouldn`t tell our kids they are talented. Instead, let's praise them for their efforts. 

And when they work hard and fail, let's make sure we explain them that the road to success goes through many obstacles. Only then will we create the mentality of a champion.

The reality is that most successful people, whether they are athletes or people who struggle in other fields, achieve their success much more from hard work than from natural talent.

Adidas had at some point a marketing campaign about "Success Formula" with Leo Messi who said:

"I trained for 17 years and 144 days to become an overnight success."

Messi talent sau efort

Success requires hard work, courage, humility, patience, endurance, talent, cooperation and, yes, hard work again. Talent or opportunities that promise to bypass any of the latter are most likely a scam that can only lead to short-term success.

How important is talent for success?

Coaches and parents of athletes have the power to clarify the impact of talent. Sure, talent matters. But what matters most is what athletes do with the talent they have. 

If they cultivate it and maintain a growth mentality, they will see that effort is a key ingredient in pursuing their potential. Talent helps, but in the end, the effort puts you in the game.

Some talented athletes tend to rely on talent and do not strive to grow. They lack motivation.

Is not the same with ambitious and hard-working athletes. They often get results by force of will, or by learning to be better, to become popular and more efficient than their peers.

So, from the question of which is more important than talent or effort, we have the following answer:

Effort cannot make talent less valuable, but talent becomes less relevant when it is not perfected through hard work and perseverance. Finally, the answer may lie in another quote: hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.


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