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Romania has an international reputation for tennis instruments at the highest level, which develops many high-performance tennis players. 

Our team includes people with professional experience and a desire to implement a sports model in which there should be both sports and educational performance. Our team of coaches specializes in providing the most personalized training for each tennis player. Our staff has many years of experience in tennis and the development of tennis programs. Our tennis academy offers its players a professional environment with a dedicated team of coaches. The whole staff loves tennis and is very passionate about exchanging experience and knowledge with our tennis players. We care and will always do our best to ensure their well-being and success.

Tennis practiced under the guidance of the team of professional coaches from our academy, trains you as an individual but also helps you to integrate into society. He can also give you the chance to study at renowned universities in America or the opportunity to become a great champion but also the daily physical satisfaction in a professional program. A passionate and dedicated team whose mission is to help every tennis player reach their full potential.

Our tennis academy offers tennis training programs for all ages and levels.

ROYAL TENNIS ACADEMY is located in Pipera.


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