The power of mental training in tennis
May 13, 2021

Mental training in tennis became popular lately. Tennis is a complex sport with four main factors:

  • technical
  • physical
  • tactical
  • mental
antrenamentul mental in tenis

Over the last years, the mental factor has become an important part of a tennis player’s training. Mental toughness makes a difference in a match. It is possible to work on it in the same way as on the technical or physical aspect.

Stress before a match

Before a match, it's a wave of emotion and a lot of pressure. The mental challenge is to manage this pre-match stress. The main goal is to be in the best condition to perform. It is necessary to maintain a proper level of stress and slightly increase the pressure as the game begins.

Mental training in tennis for competitive performance

In order to perform well in competition, a tennis match must be prepared in advance:

set goals

It is important to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to prepare a plan for the next match. Plan to include tactics and game alternatives in case the match took place differently than you imagined.

Stress management during a match

Stress is often a big obstacle which can prevent you from playing as you would do it during your training. So to get to a level of stress compatible with your way of playing tennis, there are techniques that you can use between points. Among these we can find breathing techniques, NLP such as anchoring, or relaxation techniques.

The mind after a game

  • Analyze your match!

If you want to progress, you have to learn from what has just happened. You have to analyse your match and be able to tell yourself what worked and what didn’t. That will help you recognize what are the strengths that you can continue relying on and what are the weaknesses that you have to work on. It will also allow you to improve your tactics.

  • Setting goals

After analysing the match you will be able to set new goals and improve those that you already master. You should set a timeframe for these goals (short, medium and long term), one that is achievable but challenging and measurable.

Mental training in tennis

You can train your mind in the court, during your training. In fact, it is the perfect time to experiment with your routines and practice them so that they become effective in the match. During your training is the best time to test all the tools and techniques that you want to use in a match.

The mental trainer

Our knowledge and expertise in the mental training field is not always enough to train it effectively. There are therefore mental coaches who have been trained properly and who are experienced in a specific field. They will be able to help us create the techniques that we need. So that later on, we can be autonomous and equipped to face the sacred challenge of a tennis match.



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