Why your girl should play tennis
April 13, 2021

Îți vom prezenta 5 motive pentru care ar fi indicat să îți înscrii fetița la tenis:

Tenisul este unul dintre cele mai bune sporturi pentru care copilul tău poate juca atât din motive psihologice, cât și din motive fizice.

fetița tenis

1. Safety first: no contact

Collision and contact sports over the years have started to gain attention for the lifelong injuries they can cause. Therefore, racquet sports have become a favorable option for parents looking for safe and healthy exercise for their child.

2. Improves mood

Când copilul tău se antrenează, îi crește nivelul de serotonină. Serotonina este importantă, deoarece este neurotransmițătorul de „simte-te bine” din creier. Cu toată viteza de care are nevoie în tenis, lucrează în mod constant din greu și, prin urmare, crește acel neurotransmițător.

3. Improves Balance

The tennis game has a lot of starts and stops. Your child will run one way to the net in anticipation of a drop shot only to find herself changing direction at the last second. All of these movements increase the balancing ability because they are training her muscles to react and adapt quickly to different movements.

4. Decrease the Risk for Heart Disease

Heart Disease is the number one killer of women. So anything we can do to prevent heart disease for our children is important, and it turns out that tennis is a great way to do this. The British Journal of Sports Medicine looked at the health benefits of tennis and found that people who played tennis had “lower body fat percentages, more favorable lipid profiles, and enhanced aerobic fitness,” all leading to a decreased risk of heart disease.

5. Expert supervision

Again, safety first! With coaches on-hand during lessons to teach beginners proper technique and form, there is inherently less chance of acquiring any injuries.



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